Pick a prom dress for your body shape

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20190423 prom dresses us

We know all the time when we are invited to attend a special event as the first thought that comes to our mind is: "What do I wear?" Or "What evening dress will I wear?" We want to radiate all night in a dress that highlights our qualities, defines us, feels appreciated, is free and sophisticated. But how do we choose the right prom dress from all points of view? Although there are a variety of dress patterns on the market, we rarely find it easy to find the perfect dress. [...]

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Bucuria de a avea pantofi noi

20190422 pantofi dama

Trecerea de la un anotimp la altul implica si schimbarea garderobei cu cea adecvata temperaturilor de afara. Primul pas care urmeaza este inspectia sifonierului si cu siguranta ca vei avea momente cand te vei mira de cand nu ai mai purtat o bluza, o fusta sau si mai mare o sa fie mirarea cand vei descoperi ca unele produse au eticheta inca atarnata de ele, toate asteaptand cuminti sa le pui si pe ele in evidenta, dar apoi iti aduci aminte ca mereu ai spus poate data viitoare. [...]

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O petrecere memorabila de sfarsit de an

20190420 rochii elegante lungi

Vremea este rece, dar in sufletele copiilor nimic nu poate umbri bucuria acestora cand stiu ca vacanta tocmai a sosit. “A venit vacanta,/ Imi e dor de bunici,/ Maine dimineata /Plec in sat la ei”. Aceste cuvinte le auzeam ieri de la un grup de prichindei care cantau in cor si puteai sa le citesti bucuria pe chip. Bucuria vestii ca vacanta a venit cu greu poate fi egalata si este aproape inetivabil sa nu ne aducem aminte de noi la varsta lor, fara griji, fara gandul azi ce am de facut, avand la dispozitie intreaga zi ca sa facem tot ce vrem. [...]

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Schimbarea in bine

20190419 peruca naturala

Zilele trecute dupa o zi extrem de aglomerata la serviciu, a trebuit sa plec la un examen. Cand am ajuns, in sala de examen era o zarva de nedrescris. Examenul avea sa inceapa, dar nu la ora programata, iar colegii erau angajati in diverse discutii despre orice, mai putin despre examenul care urma. [...]

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Fabulous plus size prom dresses

27 dress , prom dress

20190416 plus size prom dresses

Your body is a part of your signature in this life. You should dare to follow trendy trends, taking into account some simple tips for the plus size prom dresses. Here's what you can do to highlight your strengths and to hide the parts that you think are disadvantageous - abdomen, hips or arms. Everything you find in this guide is available for you! [...]

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How to choose the most suitable prom dress

27 dress , prom dress

20190410 prom dress

Regardless of the special event you are invited to, it's best to find the perfect dress that matches the profile of that occasion. Under no circumstances would you want to be outside the context of all the invitations or wear something that simply would not fit your body shapes. No one knows who you can meet there, so it's the case that besides arranging your hair and choosing the perfect makeup, be sure to wear something to get you out of anonymity, to make you shine on your own. [...]

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It's time to choose the prom dress

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20190307 mermaid prom dresses

We are in March and, but in my opinion, it’s never too early to begin searching for the perfect prom dress. Many formal gowns (including prom dresses) require alterations for a perfect fit, and you will want to allow enough time to complete these alterations. Tell me if I wrong when I say: there are very few times in your life when you get to wear a truly glamorous, jaw-dropping dress, no? So, your prom it is a perfect occasion for a gorgeous dress. [...]

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Keep the prom classy and tasteful.

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20190227 prom classy

In my opinion prom is a window into how young people learn to be adults.  Another point of view is an experience that we will never forget. To find the perfect dress was a nightmare. I don`t get why prom is like a mini wedding these days. No one should spend that kind of money for a dress. [...]

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