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Every one has good days and bad days. When your boss call you because next month he must send you to work into another departament (for two or three months, or more) you feel that this day is not your best day, ever forever. The only thing that motivates you to get over this news is that you have: a good relationship with that partner, a beautiful friendship and a wonderful soul.

Immediately after the impact of the news passed, you start to take it easy, you remember that the building has an office where a lot of people are coming because they want public relation. Involuntarily I began to look down at my shoes. I bought it a three or four years ago. I do not exactly when. It is a sad situation. Wait, I have a great solution. I am smileing but nobody know why. I take the telephone and now I am searching a phone number of one girl. About this friend I can say that she is fashion addicted. More than that, she told me without ask her advice about clothes and especially shoes. This woman is my colleague - friend from work.

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Lara is in my house now and she is looking in my dressing. She choose some clothes and she said me: you will wear only this at the job. Then she began to tell me a few tips for my new job. While she was telling me some advice, she started computer to show my one online shop, From this store shoes she bought the last two pair of shoes. In past I said her that I like it very much that pair of shoes. Togheter we decide what to buy for that period. We looked at some Black Pumps.

We found three pair of shoes and now I do not know if I can buy it. Life is more fun if you wear shoes from

Exemple 1 : Hollow Out Geometric Pointed Toe Pumps

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Exemple 2 Pointed Toe Metal Chunky Heel Pumps

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Exemple 3 Rivet Bow Metallic Toe Pumps

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Nu uita: fii realist, doreste-ti mereu imposibilul!


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Ana Vasilescu


"Fii realist. Dorește-ți mereu imposibilul..."

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