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How to have a charming and sophisticated look

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The perfect dress shows not only the physical qualities of a woman, but also the inner ones, your personality, your lifestyle and your values. We consider that each dress tells a story full of mystery and sensuality and each dress has as inspiration a certain female character. It is important to know yourself and choose the dress that suits you. 

Whether you emanate grace and innocence or power and sensuality, the dress you wear should be an extension of your personality and tell who you are before you start to introduce yourself. All the pieces in your wardrobe suggest what your style is.  It takes time and exercise to develop your dress style. So be confident if you still have difficulties and you are not confident about your choices. All you have to do is try on as many different dresses as possible. From the romantic style to the extravagant style, you will surely find that dress that represents you.  Evening events are more and more varied. At exclusive events, luxurious wear a refined dress, with precious details that will give you a charming and sophisticated look. At cocktails or parties the outfits inspire romance and refinement but can have slightly casual influences. The short evening dress or an flapper dress is welcome in this context.  Also, the role we play at the event matters. A flapper dress, a wedding dress or a prom dress should bring you to the center of attention and shine all night. It is important to choose the dress model according to the shape of your body in order to feel comfortable and to have a harmonious and pleasant appearance. The first step in the process of looking for the perfect dress model that will enhance you is to know your body size and consider them. The measure is very important because a dress that is too tight or too wide in certain parts will create discomfort, Zkaka will help you. So, choose the model that suits your stature. Any dress should highlight the strengths of the body and hide the small imperfections that bother us.

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