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How to dress to look 10 kilos lower

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You used to stick to your diet permanently, pay close attention to everything you eat and do sports a few times a week, hoping you will lose weight and look better. What you probably don't know is ...

.... that by the way you dress you can lose 10 kilos without having to worry too much. Here are some tips to keep in mind when choosing your daily outfit. Match your pants with your shirt: you can "lose" 5 kilos by matching your shirt with your pants and even your shoes, losing another 5 kilos if all these pieces of clothing are black or dark in color. If you are afraid that the outfit will be too sad, choose a pair of pants in a vibrant color. If you buy high waist tummy control panties it will be great. Slightly flared pants hide many unwanted shapes, such as those with a slightly higher waist, with a bandage to mask the lower abdomen. If they are slightly elastic they will not lose their shape, as is the case with the linen ones, which, after a few behaviors, are greatly enlarged. A waist cincher for women from Loverbeauty is sexy in any day of the week and with one of this you will look like a movie star. Some cut-out shoes in front you need to have. Although apparently they have nothing to do with weight, they will make you look thinner than booties or sandals with many ribbons wrapped around your ankle. You can wear a belt that does not necessarily have a practical purpose, but beautifies a large dress. You will get an hourglass shape and the strap will capture all the attention. Decorative, long chains are not only a beautiful element, but they lengthen your torso and weaken you. They work wonderfully associated with simple tops, in one color.

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