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20161110 team motivational

The childhood is a very nice period. I remember with pleasure about all my friends, even if today some of them went in another countries. When I was child, my parents judge me because I was standing too much outsite, but there was all the party. I am very disappointed how the things evoluated. Today, the children spend their free tine on computer, they play games on cell-phone and in this way they loose many beautiful moments. [...]

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Many are called, but few are chosen.


 20161107 airsoft1

De-a lungul anilor intalnim foarte multi oameni. Doar unora le acordam atentie si ii primim in cercul nostru de prieteni. De la fiecare avem ceva de invatat. Cand privim in ansamblu vedem ca avem cei mai pestriti prieteni. Fiecare provine dintr-un domeniu total diferit. Dar impreuna suntem o echipa de vis. [...]

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Three perfect shoes from


 20161104 zaful4

Every one has good days and bad days. When your boss call you because next month he must send you to work into another departament (for two or three months, or more) you feel that this day is not your best day, ever forever. The only thing that motivates you to get over this news is that you have: a good relationship with that partner, a beautiful friendship and a wonderful soul. [...]

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The perfect wedding with shoes from

Fashion , wedding shoes

 20161030 wedding

I am a blogger for to many years. I like to wrote about many things, but the most I like to write about fashion. All women wish to have many clothes. Personal, I like to wear dress no matter seasons. Always I watch after new and exciting models. With time I learn that when I buy a dress I must buy and a pair of shoes or sandals. So, every pair has a story. [...]

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De ce am ales sa stau cu chirie

 20161028 sibiu

Acum un an de zile m-am mutat in Sibiu. Am gasit in acest oras un loc de munca mai bun si am venit. Sibiul a fost dintotdeauna orasul meu de suflet si o oferta de munca in acest oras era tot ce aveam nevoie.
Inceputul a fost mai greu, deoarece aveam nevoie de un apartament in care sa locuiesc. Gaseam o multime de oferte imobiliare Sibiu, insa nu cunosteam zonele bine, nu stiam incotro sa apuc. [...]

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