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A bubble ball refers to an inflatable sphere that is worn by an individual participating in bubble soccer. The sphere covers the upper body entirely from the head to around the knees. The arms and shoulders are also enclosed inside it, leaving only the legs to support the body and kick the soccer ball. The objective is to score goals against the opponent, as the team that finishes the game with more goals becomes the winner. The number of players meant to play varies depending on the size of the field and individuals available. But, the preferred one is at least 5 against 5.

Playing with a bubble ball is very simple and direct for anyone. This is mainly because the bubble soccer requires no special skill to play. Nevertheless, skills can provide an advantage to the player. This ball is also easy to setup and wear on the body. It requires some inflation and is transparent which enables light inside it. Being transparent also allows the participant to see the opponent and the ball, which is vital in hitting and scoring the opponents. Meanwhile; the game involves crashing into one another and falling to the ground, from where players roll and bounce without getting hurt.


Bubble Soccer


And on a great note, a bubble soccer can only be played by those above 10 years old. And all those below 18 years old should present signed waiver agreements from their parents or guardians seconding them to play. The ball can also be used in both outdoor and indoor places such as soccer fields, basketball courts, gyms, tennis courts, parks, backyards, and open grassy fields, among others. It can further be used at birthday parties, fundraising functions, reunion parties, stag and hen parties, weddings, children's functions, and corporate events, among many others. For more information and orders, we shall be glad to help you via

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