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Friendship is as beautiful as a rose

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This summer I finally had a chance to visit my friend Olga in Romania. Me and Olga we know each other from long time ago, because when she was little her parents used to visit my family in Germany. So now, after years of talking on the phone and by e-mail I finally had the chance to go there.

After taking the plane I arrived in Bucharest the capital of Romania where Olga was waiting for me. She greeted me with joy and took me to her home. I did not noticed on the first day because it was already dark outside when I arrived but the next day I could not help to admire her beautiful rose garden. She had all sorts of roses such climbing roses, bare root roses and lots of other garden roses.

Out of curiosity I asked her where did she bought them from. She said that all her roses where bought from Famous Roses, a well-known online store that sells a variety of roses.

I was curious about Famous Roses that I instantly opened my laptop to see with my own eyes. I was very surprised to see that their store had such a variety of roses and the website was very well structured so non Romanian speaking customers could buy. Shortly after that I discovered that I could place and order even from Germany and receive the goods. So I examined their online store and decided to place and order while still in Romania so I would receive it when I get back to Germany.

I decided to order climbing roses “Botero” originally from France and “Le rouge et le Noir” since i loved Olga’s roses.

I was very surprised to find all their prices listed in euro’s and the convenient transportation tax. By the time I left Romania the roses we’re already at my house waiting for me to plant them in my garden.

I would like to recommend to everybody the online store Famous Roses for their very nice and unique products. High quality roses at a great price!

Nu uita: fii realist, doreste-ti mereu imposibilul!


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"Fii realist. Dorește-ți mereu imposibilul..."

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