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High quality bubble soccer balls from BlueInflatable

20180313 bubble soccer

A bubble ball refers to an inflatable sphere that is worn by an individual participating in bubble soccer. The sphere covers the upper body entirely from the head to around the knees. The arms and shoulders are also enclosed inside it, leaving only the legs to support the body and kick the soccer ball. The objective is to score goals against the opponent, as the team that finishes the game with more goals becomes the winner. The number of players meant to play varies depending on the size of the field and individuals available. But, the preferred one is at least 5 against 5.

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Produse pentru mama

20180313 alternative vegetariene pentru carne

Mama, din considerente religioase, respecta toate posturile calendarului ortodox. De ceva timp insa, s-a plans ca nu mai stie ce sa gateasca ca sa o sature. Era cu atat mai greu cu cat, pe timpul iernii, gasea putine legume de calitate sau produse care sa substituie proteinele. Se saturase de eterna mancare de cartofi sau de pilaful de orez. M-a rugat sa ma interesez de ceva bun, bio si de calitate. Si, bineinteles, sa fie diferit de ceea ce gatea de obicei.

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