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What prom dress to choose according to the silhouette

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Each woman has different body, so for every woman there is a style of dress that it benefits! It is essential first to look closely into the mirror and to analyze the most beautiful parts of your body as well as the parts you want to mask and after that you can go to 27 dresses shop.

If you are skinny
Use prints on prom dresses cheap. Choose clothes with floral or striped patterns (avoiding the vertical ones) and put emphasis on details such as a wide belt. Choose strapless dresses and t-shirts that give extra femininity to skinny women.

If you have a great body
You should wear more tight clothes on the body, increasing your waist and hips. Choose two-piece suits - jacket and skirt in particular. Be careful, however, that the skirt is not too bold, because it will not benefit you. Leave more skin in sight at the top of the body, especially in the area of ??the neckline, but be careful not to have a very provocative appearance. Choose neutral colors such as brown, navy, khaki, black and avoid strident ones. 

If you are short girl
Put on mini skirts, if you are skinny. At the same time, the very long skirts will benefit you. Avoid prints and choose pieces in one color to give them a interesting note with accessories and try fine fabrics like silk, velvet, brocade, lace. You can successfully opt for a high-heeled or baby doll dress. This kind of dress makes your legs very long.

If you are chubby
You can wear clothing pieces that are quite close to the body, but not tight. The large ones only give the impression of extra pounds. Beware of large prints and choose clothes in one color or contrasting, for example: white and black. Choose costumes with straight jackets, long to hips and avoid tight pants, looking to choose more for pants with stripes.

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